Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Domino Effect Rescue Ranch- Smoke and Mirrors

 Domino Effect Rescue Ranch

I have come across very distressing news about a horse rescue in Florida.  It seems that this rescue has had nothing but problems since they first started up 4 years ago.  

Of course to hear one of the co-founders tell the tale, she's been victimized and done nothing wrong. According to Dinelle Ashcraft, it's all fabricated lies to harass and cause her problems.  

They've lost 6 horses recently, three of them from colic.  

First, let's take a look at the property.  You won't find these photos on any of her blogs or Facebook page and I don't blame her for not wanting to show you. It's pretty disgusting.  

Keep in mind, they now have as at least 25-35 horses on 1.5 acres. Yes, you read that right... 1.5 acres.  

I've been told that as long as the horses are getting exercised daily, this shouldn't be a problem.  Well, for as much time as she spends on writing her blog and posting on Facebook, when exactly do these horses get their exercise?  

Even with two people, that's an entire day needed just for exercising. This doesn't include feeding, grooming and cleaning stalls.... oh, but wait, they don't clean up after their horses.  Look for yourself.....

These photo's were taken at the end Sept 2013, long after the rain had come, yet the mud and puddles remain.  This was taken the same day that Animal Services visited them about a complaint of a horse with an injured leg.  

This is acceptable to the Hernando County Sheriff's Office- Animal Services. 

FOUR YEARS of horse manure, built up, packed in and this what the horses eat off of when they're fed.  

You would think water would not be left standing so long due to the sand.  But years of build of the feces causes the water to make long standing puddles. Just think of the mosquito problem they must have... not to mention the smell. 

Notice the tree bark eaten off the trees?  Horses are tied to these trees and are left there for days.  

Everywhere you look... manure, manure, manure.  

How often do you think this pony gets out?  Weekend pony rides? He does look well cared for in his cramped quarters.  

How many hazards have you seen so far?  
The fact there is so much feces and standing water due to the amount of rain Florida gets, thrush could become a serious problem.  

The following photo's were taken in July 2013 after the rains.  Notice how the surrounding areas are dry?

          Now, let's look at some of the horses....  

This is Lady.  Lady had a knee injury that required surgery and needed to be kept confined for 90 days while she healed.  She didn't get a private stall... instead, she was turned out with the other horses.  

Dinelle also claimed that the original owner was going to euthanize her.  THIS IS NOT TRUE.  He NEVER said he was going to euthanize her.  

In fact, when he found out that this was being said, he demanded the horse back.  This is when Lady mysteriously disappeared.  The whereabouts of Lady is still unknown.  

I think it's important to point out that they DON'T have stalls.  They do have pens.  And they currently have 6 full sized horses in one 100x75 ft pen.  


This was Lady before Domino Effect 

Lady arrives at Domino Effect... Doesn't look like she's getting the stall rest they promised. 

This is Lady AFTER Domino Effect... thin and sun bleached. They claim the vet said to make her drop weight. Does she look overweight to you in the above photos?  NO. 

Let's take a look at Justice aka Capone... 

Justice was neglected long before he got to Domino Effect, but he had found an angel that was nursing him back to health prior to going to DERR.  

He had gained 150 pounds and was looking good.  

Here's a video- 

After he arrived at DERR he declined rapidly. losing 100 lbs in just ten days.  Improper feeding caused serious internal injuries and he had to be euthanized.  

Of course, as you hear Dinelle tell the story, she blames a poisonous ragweed that he had consumed prior to arriving at DERR.  It was confirmed with a vet that had he eaten the poisonous weed prior to entering DERR, he would not have gained weight, (which he did gain 150 lbs).  

The DERR vet refused to perform a necropsy on the horse.  Not sure if it was at the urging of DERR to not have a necropsy done or if the vet just didn't care enough to know the truth... maybe it was both.  

Here's a video of Maggie.  She was being loaded by Bob Ashcraft of Domino Effect Rescue Ranch.  He had blindfolded her with a feed bag claiming "this is how you load a skittish horse."  

She got away from him and ran through a barbed wire fence which resulted in HUNDREDS of stitches.  

Bob's handy dandy work.... poor Maggie


See Bob ride.... or not


They currently have 6 full sized horses in 100x75 ft pen and nothing but sand.  Can you say colic?  

Speaking of colic.... they've lost a few horses to this ailment.  Yet, they continue to blame others instead of taking responsibility for the conditions in which they feed and keep these horses.  

RIP Shia- victim of poor feeding habits resulting in colic.  She's one of 3 who have suffered this painful death (that we know of). 

This is a photo of Shia the day before she died. 

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I didn't realize they were rescuing under their non profit and then transferring to their profit business- RDA Equine Services


What do they do with the horses when they die?  
They bury them!!!

They do it in plain sight too... kind of....   

Did they use Lyme?  How deep were those holes dug?  

And here's a burial of another horse.  Is that a washer and dryer?  This must be right by the house.  

So, if the horses are buried in various places around the property, how do they prevent foot traffic from crossing over them?  25+ horses is a lot of feet.

Now you tell me... 
1. there is 1.5 acres 
2. about 25+ horses 
3. water floods parts of the property... home,       
    structures and pens use up more space (which brings
      available space for the horses down considerably)
4. at least 6 have died and some were buried (not just in
      one place, but scattered)
Then how do they keep the horses, people and children off of the graves?

So, for those of you that are following along, below is a little visual aid that will put things into perspective. 
Yes, there's a map 
(which will also help the slower ones catch up)

We ask that anyone who has witnessed things, first hand, to please come forward (good or bad).  

Witness testimony- (names are left off the blog to protect the eyewitnesses, but can and will be called upon if necessary in court) 

Witness 1


  1. Why can't anyone do anything about this OBVIOUS abuse? Disgusting humans! God did not intend for his creatures to be treated like this. UGH!!

    1. the problem I have with this article is it's all bullshit...Carrie Young of Ohana Rescue has been a smear campaign against Domino for a while now...why don't you ask her about getting in trouble for all her false reports...common sense could disprove the majority of this...standing water...you really think it's because they don't muck their pasture? because standing water NEVER happens in Florida...I guess I should have mucked my 7 acres that went under water then...I would address the rest of these "issues", but I would encourage you more to actually go and visit this place and see for yourself just how wrong this article is...the work they have done with their rescues is absolutely amazing!

    2. 7 acres is completely different than one and a half acres. How many horses do you have? And if you do the math, with the flooded areas, the structures and pens, you get quite a bit less than 1.5 acres.

  2. not sure how to feel....these people have good intentions in their hearts...but maybe just don't have the money to keep the place up to snuff. YOU might wanna be less SMARMY and superior sounding though...in your critique of this place. Maybe helping to raise money and trying to mesh that with some meaningful communique with these people...would be time better spent...

    1. Four years and couldn't shovel shit? Really? That is sand underneath all that manure. There shouldn't be standing water.

    2. the problem is you could give them all the money in the world and they wouldnt use it on the horses, they use the money they get now to pay personal bills and but cigarettes and god knows what else.

    3. These people are NOT well meaning people. These are scumbags who shouldn't be anywhere NEAR a horse. They are pure trash. They are causing these horses suffering, and torture, and should be dealt with in such a manner.

  3. Im with Nikki. You freaking stupid and just as heartless as them to stick up for them after the abuse of these animals. If you cant afford to feed or care for them then why the hell would you get them. Some of these animals were so beautiful before stepping foot in that place and now are either dead or on that path. They need grass to graze in. People to love them. Food to eat. Vets to care for them. That is a lot of money and responsibility. They showed us that they dont deserve these horses and even if they do have a "good heart" why wont they give up the horses to someone who can care for them? Why cant they shovel the shit? Why cant they ride them correctly or even treat them like they are supposed to? People are just plain stupid and sadly they are the ones who have the most kids...

  4. Jay, No sane person would give their money in donations to a place that has injured animals, thin and underweight animals, and animals standing in their own feces, deep enough to cover their hooves with no way to get out of the water. Give me a break.

  5. Not to mention having absolutely NO shelter. Sure. Let's give them money.

  6. I just want to know why their both not in jail? Good grief this place is terrible!

  7. Hmmm ,, Looks like the State needs to step in for an investigation.

  8. If it was really as bad as what you're saying, then report them and let the state, county, or city do their job. It does no good to go around and "he said, she said" the issue at hand. Either these horses are being severely mistreated, or we are being given false information from you. Whatever the truth is, the bodies of government that monitor these things should be contacted, and if there are problems, they will be dealt with by the authorities with due force. No need to bash people or have them bash you. It just creates a crossfire of accusations and problems that the public should not have to endure. For all we know, the horses are being rescued and rehabilitated properly and you're just mad at this Ashcraft lady.... Who knows?!? We don't, and only the two parties listed know the real truth. There may be power in words, but there is more power in actual evidence... i.e. Dated pictures, videos, documents, eye witness accounts, government inspections.... Gather evidence against them and I will gladly join your cause, otherwise, it is all a load of BS!

    1. @notwiththebs, Are you blind? Above were photos of abuse and neglect. It's good to get the word out. Do you want them to be silent to the public and secretly tell the authorities? The authorities are more likely to do something about it when they have the public on their back demanding they take action. For all we know YOU are the Ashcraft lady the way you sound. The article states," These photo's were taken at the end Sept 2013, long after the rain had come, yet the mud and puddles remain. This was taken the same day that Animal Services visited them about a complaint of a horse with an injured leg. This is acceptable to the Hernando County Sheriff's Office- Animal Services." Did you even read the article at all? Or are you just assuming and ranting?

    2. that is exactly the case....the authorities have been there multiple times and have never found any of these accusations to be true..

    3. That's not saying a whole lot Laura Lee. Florida law sounds like it was written by Rain Man. Saying the authorities would do something if something was wrong, isn't really saying a whole lot.


  10. now, what you all should do is read the other side of the story...here you go

  11. I have a similar story. I would love to talk to you about and gain your advice. I as of Saturday found out a former horse of ours was basically starving to death in a rescue which by all accounts has had great successes and a good reputation.

    We retired this horse with a friend specifically because he is not a candidate for field retirement. He is older 31 at this time a hard keeper a voracious cribber (will crib rather then eat) and has anhidrosis so being outside in the summer is well frankly abusive to him. Apparently that person stopped paying board on him and he was claimed by the BO in some sort of lien. She thought she was doing a good thing for him and got him accepted to a well known in State program.

    I found out he was sent there a few weeks after his arrival and explained those circumstances to the owner and even followed up with an email. It was met with some dismissive behavior . Should have been my first sign.

    This Saturday I get a call from the BO who sent him to the rescue she is in tears they've gone to visit Max and he is skin and bones. He as of that Sat Oct.5th has only been at the rescue 12 weeks. He is living outside full time in the summer sun , cribbing non stop.

    Attempts to ask the owner to return the horse to use have been completely shut down. A call to animal control to inspect the horse became clear this rescue has a large political foot hold and takes horses from Animal Control . The agent who went to see the horse even has told us Max is only a 3 on the body score scale and has only lost 50lbs.

    As of today the only concession that has been made is the Deputy has asked the rescues vet to visit the horse.

    I would love some advice or help in getting this horse pulled away from a situation that he is clearly not thriving in.

    I will post photo's of the horse arriving at the rescue and those taken Oct 5th

    First photo is him literaly after unloading at the rescue after a 5hr trailer ride he even has some unwashed poultice on his legs from under the wraps.


    2nd photo is from 12weeks later same rescue.

    1. Contact us on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Good-the-Bad-the-Unforgivable-of-Animal-Rescue/344666565559561

  12. You know what is really funny this is a few people and or friends of another doing the he is or she is better then you BS. My rescue is better then yours we know more then you do BLAH BLAH BLAH this crap has been going on for so long I'm so sick of it. The bad thing is NEITHER RESCUE is making any points the horses are the concern and it only makes it harder to take care of them and get them adopted out. Slandering with all the accusations and making complaints and friends jumping on the band wagon to support another friends argument is BS. I would say SHUT UP take care of your own and personal interests cause taking up the time of authorities constantly making reports which they investigate and find nothing. ALL RESCUES sell there horses if you think about it cause they all ask for a adoption FEE I have seen and I will not mention names but adoption fees as high as 3500.00 and I thought that was a sale myself but it is what it is. NOBODY has the right to say what is and what is not a fair fee they have expenses and if that is what they want to ask to cover medical bills or whatever it is up to them. THE PEOPLE do not have the right to ask for a audit of there spending habits do you ask your church or any other non profit for a accounting of there funds? I find most the things being said nothing but assumption and guess work.. Pictures taken out of context.... I wish I had no life so I could set around spying on people trying to get something on them to report just to do it. Wait for the perfect time to take a picture so it helps my cause. I bet some of the people making comments have never owned a horse or know anything about them or how to care for them but being fueled with the gossip of others and following there lead with complaints.
    We as a concerned person can report to the proper authorities and that ends our involvement more then that is simply harassing someone. Constant complaining is the same thing and trying to BULLY the authorities to do more after they investigate and find the complaints with out merit well.....maybe those complaining should be charged with making false complaints and wasting tax payers money investigating false malicious claims.

  13. Bill, instead of jacking your jaw, why don't you go help these people. Educate them. In fact, why don't you go rescue one of the horses. Or are you just someone who likes talk but not walk the walk? And for the record, it's NOT just a few people. DERR seems to be fixated on two people, claiming that they are the instigators. I can assure you that there are many, many others who have their own stories to tell. If it was just one or two people involved, this wouldn't be on the blog. The fact that we have spoken to MANY people that have first hand knowledge is why we made the decision to follow through and go public. If you don't want to take this seriously, that's your choice... but please get out of the way of those who are trying to make a difference FOR THE HORSES.

  14. Yes there are many of us with first hand knowledge of this horrible place I cry myself to sleep at night THEY SUCK one day they will pay for what they have done to all the animals and owners

  15. I read a rather lengthy "story" written by Mrs. Ashcraft. It was attached to a video she posted of her husband Bob, tying up a pig for loading. This pig was later shot and killed by Bob Ashcraft because it was "wild and out of control, causing injury to the other animals." In the first part of this story Mrs. Ashcraft states that Bob, who is a convicted felon, was arrested for shooting the pig, because he is not suppose to own a gun as a felon. She goes on and on about what they went through with the legal action. She stated early in the story that Bob had borrowed this gun for the purpose of shooting the pig. Near the end of the story she tells us how grateful they are that the authorities returned the gun to them, as it had been a gift to Bob when he was 8 years old and he wanted to pass it along to his children. Which is it? Did he borrow it or did he have it in his possession as a felon and something to pass down to his children? When I see someone speak from both sides of their mouth, while constantly "praising God," it gives me cause for concern. Evil can not live where God abides. You can not be a liar and be in alignment with God. There can only be truth with God. Jus sayin'.....

  16. I tried to reach DERR about a gelding they had listed on craigslist. They first listed him at 300$, then 500$, then on their facebook page they listed him at 750$. When I emailed them to please inform me their price for him and if he was still up for adoption, as of today no one has messaged me back. After seeing these pics I am deeply saddened by this. I really wish they would have contacted me back so I could try to possibly save this little guy before he suffers a fate like the other ones.

  17. I questioned their practices today and Ms Ashcroft unfriend me on FB because a lady wanted to adopt a horse but didn't have the fee and I asked couldn't they wave the fee and MS Ashcroft got very upset with me and saidiI wouldn't donate money to someone who sounded as greedy as their were. I thought their goal was to find a horse a good and forever home as she is always saying. She is going to school in Ocala 4 or 5 days a week so who is taking care of the horses? why does the law allow them to bury horses on their property? I can't image the other horses walking over graves. If they are examples of good Christians I would hate to meet bad ones.

  18. Ms Ashcroft said I could donate 500.00 dollars to DERR and they would give the person the horse and I said I wouldn't give money to people who were so greedy.