Thursday, October 17, 2013

Amy Verder is at it AGAIN

For many of us, the name Amy Verder aka Let Them Live Rescue, brings feelings of disgust and anger.  We have watched her pull scam after scam, warning others to no avail.  

Her supporters seem to be oblivious to her tactics and would rather ignore the red flags than to admit there's a problem. They seem to never notice all of her animals that go missing, her constant desperate pleas for money (usually during some sort of grave, ultra urgent crisis), or her persistent rants against the people that "hate her."

Her followers apparently believe her claims that she's a true savior of animals, not to mention a lot of other outlandish claims that she has never proven (a long list that is beyond the scope of this post), such as her claim that she is fully trained as a veterinarian. No proof of this exists because it simply is not true. 

Her most recent "emergency" (she has one every week) is that of several puppies she's rescued.  She now claims that there are 24 dogs with parvo.  However, it appears that one of her supporters has unwittingly told the truth.  

Here is Amy's original post, which she quickly deleted when she was questioned:

You'll notice Elisha defending Amy.... so why is it that she posted this?......

Coccidia is NOT parvo.  

Read more here: Coccidia- Not fatal
Read more here: Parvo - Fatal

So, Amy removed  the original post and then posted again.....  

Someone please explain to me how they can be recovering "at home at two separate vets"?  Treating parvo at home?  Really?  

Let's not forget, this is the same woman who acts like she's above the law, dosing her dogs with drugs that only a veterinarian should use. 

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*** It's important to point out that neither Crystal Harley, Tracey Benzel nor Susan Barrett are admins of this blog or our Facebook page.  Amy's attack on them was unwarranted and her claims are completely false.  I was the one that called the shelter in Florida and talked to the rescue coordinator about Amy, not the ladies mentioned above.  


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  2. wow-great vet that Dr Bruce

    what's that saying about bird of a feather flocking together?

  3. Coccidia can be fatal. I had a dog en route here with a rescue and he died from it at his interim foster home. I dont support her at all but for general purposes, its not cool to state false information especially regarding health issues that people may encounter with future dogs.

  4. Ireland419, it's not cool for you to look that beautiful and yet I know nothing about you. Let's fix that.

  5. Wow Google Sharon Cruz gold along with eldad Hager found out Google tumwater Washington state dryer fire kills 19 dogs tumwater Washington state ..hoarders ..horrible ..shepherds way phony dog and horse rescue isant too far away springdale wa. Do your checking before donating or buy from these idiots ..they will scam to no end and animals and people getting duped are victims too