Friday, November 14, 2014

Ophir Benami- It's a Dog Flipping Nightmare

We've all heard of dog flipping, but does anyone really recognize a flipper when they encounter one I'm guessing NO.  If you did, then people who rescue like Ophir Benami wouldn't be getting away with dirty rescue practices.

Dog Flippers don't give a shit about the animals.  Animals are just a means of income.

Dog Flippers don't give a shit about YOU,  They don't give a shit about your likes, your heartbreaking stories, your condolences or the fact that you feel bad for not being able to help,  NO. They only care about how much money you can give them,

Most dog flippers don't have regular employment as they depend on YOU, the kind hearted animal community, to make their  money.  It's really tragic.

Dogs are pulled from a secure environment ALWAYS ON OTHER PEOPLES DIME, I might add, and then shipped off to unknown places and unknown distances; without any concern for the animal.  It's truly DISGUSTING.

Dog flippers have no conscience whatsoever.  It's never about the animals, it's always about the money.  DONATE NOW OR FUCK OFF attitude.

Dog flippers are truly the lowest of all the bottom feeders.  They usually do business with those who lack the same ethics and values as themselves.  Always looking for their next whale to eat the fat off.  And when you no longer serve their purpose... they will cast you aside, start rumors, and try to destroy any credibility you have..... Let them.  It says more about them than it does about you. Just  whatever you do, DON'T REMAIN SILENT.  Speak up.  Tell someone if you've been duped (embarrassing. yes...but it's only momentarily) because there are others who need you to speak up for them.  The only way to stop this is through knowledge.  Sharing is caring.

One of the most successful dog flippers I have ever encountered is Ophir Benami.  In my opinion, this Euro-trash foriegner has been getting away with this for a very long time.  So much so, she has literally perfected the art of separating you from your dollars and dogs from good, loving homes.

Dog flippers use the animals as long as the dog is useful. Pulling every trick in the book to separate you from your money. They do it by posting constant pleas, such as: Dogs need pulled. Dogs need medical (Ca-ching)... Dogs need training (ca-ching a ching).... Dogs need transport (ca-ching aling aling).    

  • Did anyone notice the difference between real rescue and dog flippers in the paragraph above?  It's very subtle.  Flippers ALWAYS have multiples of dogs, all the time.  Real rescues take only what they can afford to save...usually one DOG at a time.... Flippers operate with DOGS.

Lots of these dogs end up spending their life in boarding (if they're lucky). but unfortunately, most of the dogs that become victims of a dog flipper end up dumped in another shelter or in another country, or worse,... in another shelter in another country; after the partners in crime dump the dog when it's no longer profitable to keep the dog alive.

I'm going to take you into the depths of hell, getting a birds eye view of how dog flippers operate.  This won't be pleasant and it most definitely will be an eye opening experience.  Hopefully, after reading this, you will have more knowledge to successfully identify a dog flipper, so that you, too, can avoid them like the plague they've become.

Where to start.... I guess... let's take a look at how they make all that money. Money made off the backs of animals. Ophir will be our example since she's such a perfect prime example of what and who you want to avoid.  .

ALWAYS NEEDING MONEY-  It doesn't matter if you just donated $100 or $800 to "save a dog" yesterday.... the flipper always needs more (and it's always high dollar amounts).

  • Real rescue(r)(s) don't need you to donate for EVERY dog they pull.  No, they don't.  Only a dog flipper does that.  
  • Real rescue(r)(s) will have several photos of the dogs they rescue... and you don't even need to ask for a photo.  Imagine that.  
  • Real rescue(r)(s) DON'T DEPEND ON DONATIONS.  No, they don't.  They will always have an outside income that allows them to follow their passion of rescuing.  
  • Real rescue(r)(s) DON'T send truckloads of dogs out of the country.  In fact, most legitimate rescues prefer to keep their dogs in state.  I think it's important to note here that cross country rescue does happen and doesn't necessarily mean dog flipper.  
  • LAST OF ALL- Flippers (and bad rescues) ALWAYS blame others for their own misfortunes.  They will try like hell to keep their money coming in, which means drama, drama, drama.  Always playing the victim when, in fact, they are the very predator you need to avoid.  It's ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY for dog flippers.  Good luck getting any updates. new photos, basic info such as vet or boarding facility from a dog flipper.  They will not give this info up because they don't have it to give up.  It's all a facade. 


Yes, rescue is expensive.  Yes, there are good rescues that rely on donations to help them run their rescue.  There is no shame in that and I do believe in helping rescues through donations.  I donate to several rescues myself.  I, however, would NEVER donate in response to a post like this one.... NEVER.

Let's forget about the caplocks for a moment.  Look at what she is saying.  She's not just asking for donations, she's demanding them.

And what constitutes a big donation?    $20, $50, $100? more? I would never donate to anyone who sets a requirement.

Not only that, but she goes on to defend herself against something you probably know nothing about.  HUGE RED FLAG

This is not uncommon at shelters.  Networking dogs to find proper homes is far better than what dog flippers offer.  You'll see more about that later in the blog.

PREPARE YOUR WALLETS?!?!?  Really?  Did she honestly just write that?    I say... PREPARE TO RUN THE OTHER DIRECTION AS FAST AS YOU CAN and keep your wallet hidden.

Notice how the wording is vague? "needs around," "I may have a place," "some pledges around xx$".....  Real Rescuers know exactly, to the penny, what they have and what they need.

What is this "we" shit?

"we are the EV GROUP OF DONORS.."?? Since when have you ever donated?  It seems to me that all you do is take, take, take.

NOOOO.... don't open those wallets.  Open your hearts and network the shit out of those dogs so that she doesn't get her greedy little hands on them.

People need to open their eyes before they open up their hearts, which leads to opening of the wallets.

Don't you mean that you never give up until there is no more money to be made off the dog?

Oh no, it's the haters again.  lol.  We all have haters.  Name someone who doesn't.  The video she's referring to is posted below and it wasn't taken out of context.  Also, it's the same person that Ophir sends 100's of dogs to every year... in CANADA.  
I love how she just gives you a good mental picture, don't you?  This is the video she's referring to and it opens with a dog relieving itself right in front of everyone, among the mayhem.

A few animals?  Hahahah.... a few implies 3 or 4.  Be honest Ophir.  It was more like MANY animals, wasn't it?  But by all means, go on,...

Tell us how that mean ole Kyle protected others by quickly acting to contain the dog.  You can tell the truth, it won't hurt... I promise.

If Kyle hadn't of been there, you could of gotten your ass kicked by that big ole dog.... literally. Once is enough, isn't it?
There was NO PUNCHING of any dog that day...but keep smoking whatever it is you're smoking....go ahead, roll another fatty. All he did was grab the dog and pin him down to keep the large Mastiff, who was being impounded at the time, from mauling someone.  
Thief....  Says the little black pot.

And in my experience, which I think we can all agree, I have....In my experience, it is a fact that only those heavily involved in illicit drugs are the ones always talking about drugs or accusing others of the very same thing they're doing.

Just shut up already....I'm just reading your words and already your voice is irritating me.

These next group of screenshots are truly priceless.  Lay on that guilt trip.

Here's a fun little fact for you... did you know that it is illegal for a veterinarian to hold your animal "hostage" for payment?  That doesn't mean I want you to go stiff vets all over the place, it just means that if the vet is willing to treat your animal without payment upfront, they cannot hold your animal for payment.  That is why there are payment plans.

At this point, I really have to question whether or not there is a vet involved.  She won't show receipts, won't name the vet and doesn't feel she has to account for the thousands of dollars she takes from YOU.

WAIT....WHAT???   Doesn't need your likes?  Doesn't need your shares?  Well, I guess she doesn't need your money either.  Oh wait, that's all she wants.

Remember boys and girls, keep your likes to yourselves, share everyone else's posts... just send her your money.  pfft....

I don't blame them.... I wouldn't help you either with that attitude.

Since when is her financial problem your problem??  It's not.  Don't be bullied by these types.  If she can't afford to do this without you, maybe she shouldn't be doing it at all.  I know that's harsh, but seriously, just wait until you find out what happens to all these dogs you all have paid so generously for.... just wait.

Glad to hear Chessa is feeling better.  What was wrong with her?  Nobody knows..... but it resulted in a HUGE bill.  Not sure how much, but it's huge.  Must be that same mysterious, high dollar vet, that won't release her dogs until YOU'VE PAID THE BILL.  lol

Why is it that you're always begging?  Show some class, get some dignity... get a fucking job.  (yes, I'm getting irritated with her and I only have to deal with still shots.  Could you imagine what she's like in real life?)

Here we are, back on the hostage situation.  I'm sorry, but I have to call bullshit.  BULLSHIT.

Maybe you should rob a 7-11... at least you would actually be "making" your own money.... and you'll even learn a new trade making license plates so you won't have to beg anymore.
 And here, true colors come shining through.

Serious medical emergencies do occur and usually at the most inopportune times. They just don't happen for all the time for every dog.

How would you respond to Michele?  Any person with an ounce of compassion would offer words of encouragement.  How did Ophir respond?  Scroll down to find out....
I understand???  Really?  That's all she had to say?  

No, of course not.  She dismisses Michele as if she's not worth her time and goes right into "what about me" rant.

Dog flippers don't care about your problems, they don't care about your struggles.... you mean nothing to them unless you're writing them a big fat check.  Do I really need to keep pointing out the obvious?
HOLD THE PHONE....ding, ding, ding... what do we have here?
$100 on every dog?  No wonder she gets all snippity when nobody is sending her money. Those Gucci purses aren't going to buy themselves.
Does this sound like someone who is grateful that you even look at her posts?  Doesn't sound like it to me.

Side note:  Networking does work.  Liking pictures still makes it possible for others to see the post. And sharing is the BEST way to help a homeless dog, short of adopting one.

You are the one that needs to justify YOURSELF.  You need to account for the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS you milked from caring animal lovers.

Hey Pot, guess what?  You're black.

Tell us, how many dogs that you've "rescued" are now sitting in a shelter in CANADA?  hmmm???

The difference between YOU AND THEM, Ophir....they don't stick dogs just anywhere, like you do.  You will stick a dog anywhere you can with no concern for what is best for the dog, as long as you get paid.  In my opinion, YOU ARE THE METH HEAD.

 Again... Pot calling the kettle black.

You have a plan for every dog, don't you?  Is your plan to use every dog you touch to get thousands in donations ON EACH ONE and then ship them off to boarding or Canada?  How many dogs have died as a direct result of your "rescuing" them?

What?  Free training?  Be still my little black heart... she actually uttered the word free.

Let's talk about Mack.  This is his SECOND freedom picture.  Yes, poor Mack was dumped back in the shelter BY Ophir  AFTER she "rescued" him.  And then pulled him again claiming he was going to a trainer.

Tell us Ophir, how'd that work out for Mack? Where is Mack now?

HE'S DEAD.......

And before you go feeling sorry for Ophir, remember, SHE'S THE REASON HE'S DEAD.

He passed??  pfft.  Euthanized is the word you're looking for, not passed.  Who can blame you for not wanting to talk about failed this dog TWICE.

Why was he euthanized?  Glad you asked......

The first time Ophir  pulled Mack, she was going to send him to Canada. He turned out to be too aggressive so she brought him back to East Valley Shelter.

She later re-rescued him and shipped him off to an inexperienced rescuer. The inexperienced rescuer adopted Mack out to a guy that lives in a BSL area. BSL= Breed Specific Legislation.

Mack got loose and bit someone.  It was then ordered Mack be put down.

The point here....she KNEW Mack was dog and human aggressive and sent him to a FIRST TIME RESCUER to adopt out.  And what happened with the "free training" he was going to get?

It's absolutely sickening how she takes no responsibility for his death. None, whatsoever.

And what's even worse, she blames the dog.  Who does that?

The Disappearing Dog Trick.

No, it's not an illusion.  It's really happening and it's not just one.  MANY have disappeared, never to be seen again.

With no proof of life photo's, how are we to believe Ruthie is safe?

Who else has just disappeared?

Where is Duncan aka Brutus?  That is the million dollar question.

It appears that Ophir is now in the dog napping business.  I guess there just isn't enough dogs in the shelters, she allegedly steals dogs too.

If you recognize this dog, please contact the police and the number listed on the photo.

Which brings me to Zeke.  I couldn't locate a photo of Zeke, but I will tell you his story.    Zeke had an adopter who was willing to fork over $250 to adopt him.  But instead of being happy for Zeke and allowing him to go to a home, Ophir swooped in, had him pulled and guess where he is now.  Just guess.  HE'S SITTING IN BOARDING.  That's right, boarding.  All you generous animal lovers helped keep Zeke from a happy forever home.  Good job...NOT.

Whatever happened to Garbo?  And why would anyone lock a dog in a bathroom?  Seriously.  Would you lock a child in a bathroom alone?  NO, so why would anyone think it's okay to do this to a dog?... especially one that has alleged "anxiety issues."

And how does Ophir react to the damage?

Dumps her in boarding instead of dealing with the issue to correct bad behavior.

So where do all the dogs go?  
Well, when she collects enough dogs, they go to Canada.  Tons of Pitbulls being shipped in cramped, over crowded trailers... traveling from California to different Providences in Canada (which has BSL in the majority of the country).

Jessica Mills of Adopt a Paw Pet Haven is the receiver of many of Ophir's dogs.  The video previously posted, is of Jessica at her home.

Recently, a video surfaced which was a segment of a documentary spotlighting border patrol.  This particular segment was filmed at the Canadian border and they unwittingly caught Jessica returning from California with a trailer full of dogs pulled from East Valley Shelter.

The border patrol refused her entry with the dogs because the conditions in which the dogs were travelling was below their standard.  The dogs were over heated from being stacked on top of each other with no room for proper ventilation.  The dogs were taken out of the trailer by border patrol and given fresh water (which the dogs happily and greedily consumed).

She's later seen returning to cross the border after she made the required adjustments.  Which brings to question... how many times has she made this trip with dogs stuffed in cramped, poorly ventilated conditions with no water?

ALSO... In September, there was a terrible accident involving this same "rescue" transporting another load of dogs from California.  Several dogs were seriously injured and some died.

What's disturbing about the news article is that is states "the dogs were headed for a shelter in Alberta".... A SHELTER.  They were just pulled from one shelter, which YOU paid for, and transported thousands of miles to be dumped in another shelter.  What the absolute fuck???

Trailer Carrying 30 Dogs Flips on Alberta Highway 

Another Rescue Dog Dies from Alberta Crash

This is Blackie.  Blackie is sitting in a shelter in Canada.  He was pulled by Ophir from the East Valley shelter in California. Adopted 11/17/14

So many more dogs are sitting in this same shelter after being "rescued" by Ophir.

PLEASE... help end this madness.  If you really want to save shelter dogs, AVOID THIS WOMAN LIKE THE PLAGUE.

DO NOT SUPPORT THIS TYPE OF RESCUE.  The dogs deserve so much better.

*Note to Ophir-  If you plan to sue me over this blog, get a good attorney because mine will bury you in court.