Friday, July 19, 2013

Blue Lion Rescue

It started many years ago with good intentions. Fences were built, people showed up to help on occasion. Dogs were being sent to the rescue, including one that a judge thought the rescue would be a good place to sentence a dog to life. One has to ask, did the judge visit this rescue?

How many dogs were there at the time?

At one point she had well over 140, asking for food assistance saying she was going to run out, yet Californians still sent dogs with $$ and she continued to accept them - One has to ask was it because of the $$?

Email with Blue Lion Rescue stating they had nearly 150 MASTIFFS in January of 2013

Complaints were filed, violations were written, the rescue remained open as Ag gave time for the rescue to straighten out its mess.
Pictures posted by the rescue and Ag reports showed negligence. Dogs were sitting in their own filth, water buckets were frozen in the winter at 10:45 in the morning when the inspector showed up in January 2013. This was not the first time this occurred. Pictures below were taken approximately 4 years ago ( 2009 ) showing the same problems were occurring: Frozen water, feces in pens. She continued to take in dogs.

Someone who went to Blue Lion rescue and took pictures of the dogs there - I was told this was either 2009 or 2010!i=240545471&k=SZWcZcg

Ag report from January of 2013. Frozen water:
Feces not cleaned for quite sometime:

Very few of the dog houses have doors to keep out the rain/wind. All are in kennels with igloo dog houses - No roofs are over the top to keep the weather off of them - The owner stated that " it needs to be this way to keep them warm in the winter - the sun needs to shine on them...." She also stated that " dogs have lived outside for hundreds of years in the wild "  Which is true, BUT those dogs could roam freely and were not stuck in a kennel with no room to move around
Ag has requested that she makes sure the dogs have doors/offsets on their doghouses - to get them off the ground and roofs over the kennels  - Basic necessities for outside dogs in Colorado or anywhere else.

She is now asking for $10,000.00 to build a privacy fence around the rescue - claiming Ag has stated either she does this or the dogs will be taken and killed. After a conversation with Ag, a perimeter fence does need to be built.  However, the part about Ag taking the dogs and killing them is NOT true. Ag cannot seize the dogs without a court order. They try to work with the rescues, as is obvious from the many violations Blue lion has received for not cleaning the pens, frozen water, etc.

Understand... it is NOT the way the fences look.. It is because there are huge dogs stuck in small kennels. It is because most of these dogs are condemned to a doghouse, with nothing to keep the weather off of them. It is because the feces are not being cleaned up. Vet care is not being given. There is no where in these pens for the dogs to run, play and be dogs

As far as quality time with each dog...There were approximately 150 dogs at this rescue in January of 2013 with 2 caretakers. Someone on Facebook did the math on the amount of time that was spent with each dog. It worked out to be approximately 14.4 minutes a day. This included feeding time. There is no time for " QUALITY " walks, runs, play, unless volunteers show up. Some of these dogs are labeled aggressive. They need more than an occasional pat on the head. The ones that aren't aggressive, run the risk of becoming so stuck in a kennel most of their days. The rescue owner shows nice pictures of dogs in the house. She stated that every dog came in at night. I can tell you right now...There is no way they bring 100+ dogs in every night.

 Is this what rescue has become? To take a traumatized animal out of the shelter, ship it off on transport to a " Sanctuary ",  to live its life stuck in a kennel?

The definition of rescue is to " set free ". In my humble opinion, some really need to take a second look at where they are sending animals. Doesn't anyone think the dogs deserve a better life than this?

This picture was dated May 2012 on Blue Lions Facebook page
It has been blown up to be able to see the kennels and igloos.
This is where dogs spend most of their time. Is it really fair to them?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

RESCUE ALERT- Jennifer Rose- Southern, California

Jennifer Rose aka Stella Rose aka Jen Rose

            Her real name is Martha Jennifer Rose    

Please be aware that Jennifer Rose, formally known as Stella Rose, in Southern California- She is getting many dogs and asking for donations then dumps them. Some dogs are abandoned in boarding, some are turned into a different animal control and some are never seen again.  

She claims to rehabilitate the dogs and give them away for free as "companion animals" to military, firemen and police who suffer from PTSD.  

Wags2Roses is the name of the rescue she claims to have, but there is no proof this organization even exists.  

In August 2011, Jen Rose was going by the name Stella Rose.  As Stella, she was pulling many dogs and asking for donations.  When asked for updates, Jen would never respond.  

Here are links to some of the dogs she's gotten her greedy little hands on - (right click on highlighted name to open in different window, otherwise it takes you away from this page) 

DIAMOND - Abandoned in boarding and now DEAD
KIP ?boarding?
BANE  ?boarding?
KATTY  ?boarding?
WAGS  ?boarding?
MOCHA - Rescued from Jen Rose

Listing of dogs she's pulled recently (with the exception of Mocha in 2011)

Jen Rose continues to pull dogs but NEVER updates or lists dogs for adoption.  Just sticks them in boarding and forgets about them after she's collected money for them.  

There was a blk/wht dog named Diamond that died.  Three dogs named Diamond...TWO ARE DEAD

She had one of her own dogs killed, Ruby.  

Jager, a Beagle mix, (her daughters dog) supposedly went missing last month.  They posted he was missing 6/24 by a school that was 38 miles from their home.  The same day she posted he was lost, she claims she found him in a dumpster.  She claims he was attacked at night by another animal on the railroad tracks and someone threw him in the dumpster.  So this dog goes missing and the same day she posted he was missing, she mysteriously finds him, claims he was attacked by another animal the night before?  Why did it take her so long to post he was missing and why did she even leave the area instead of searching for him... especially if it was so far away from her home.  How did she know he was attacked on RR tracks?  How did she know which dumpster to even look in?   I call bullshit.  It's my opinion, he was killed in her home by one of her rescue dogs and this story was made up to cover her ass.

These dogs went missing in 2011.  She had a fundraiser for these dogs for $14,000.