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The TRUTH About "Help BRING Cassie HOME"

The Facebook page called Help BRING Cassie HOME claims that Cassie was stolen.  Truth of the matter is, she was adopted out with the help of Jennifer Weibring.  

This is a complicated mess that has taken over a week to piece together.  As long as this report is, this is the condensed version.

Let's start from the beginning....  

It's important to point out that Jami was fired from law enforcement for being not being truthful.  

Jami Bock Dabernig was a foster for Renee Smith.  Renee admits her mistake in not doing a home check first, but instead, took the word of "rescuer's" that Jami was fine.

Come to find out, Jami had animals seized by the Humane Society prior to fostering for Renee.  She had a medical condition that required emergency services to respond to her home.  The EMS contacted the HS after they saw the conditions in the home and the animals.  HS came and removed the animals due to poor health and neglect. 

After Jami was released from the hospital, instead of going to court and fighting for her dogs back, she signed the animals over.  

Jami blamed her family.  

My question is..... if she had Nadia since she was a pup, why did she crop the ears?  Who in rescue does that?  

Statement from Renee:
Jami Bock Daberning started fostering for me and she was interested in 2 dogs where I was pulling dogs from. So we pulled them and the understanding was we would sign paperwork etc because at that point I thought all was kosher
Jami Bock Daberning started carting in mulitple loads of animals from Boone County West Virginia
We started getting concerned for the animals so I pushed to bring the dog food to her home instead of meeting her somewhere to get it like normally was expected.
After multiple excuses I finally was able to.
The first time I was there I realized just how much I failed the dogs by not doing a homecheck.
She wanted me to take back one of the dogs she was fostering for me that day, I made up and excuse so I could come back the next day with my husband to get ALL my dogs then we were going to call HS once we knew our dogs were safely out.
Jami Bock Dabering the next day refused to let me take all my dogs she told me to call the cops etc.. She DID NOT have the dogs licensed to her to show ownership etc until that very day while I was at HS then she scooted to get them their licenses because she knew the laws being a fired ex cop.
The HS did go out to her property and called in specialists and there was a seize warrant on the animals but she cleaned the house all the aimals were gone and vacated the property. 
She ran to another county to live in a tent in her sisters yard where they could not go after her then. 

Renee was finally able to go to Jami's home.  What she saw shocked her.  She was unable to take her dogs home with her that day and was planning to come get them the next day. She regrets her decision of leaving them there for one more night. The very next day she went to the Humane Society to file a report.  An investigation was started immediately.   

Now comes the interesting part.  Jami must of known she was in trouble because the very next day when Renee went to file the complaint, it appears that Jami went to the feed store, licensing dogs that belonged to Renee in her own name.  If you look at the date at THE BOTTOM of the complaint above with the signatures and then compare it to the email below, you will see they were both at the HS the same day..... THE DAY AFTER RENEE SAW THE CONDITIONS OF THE HOME.  

These two have a history of stealing dogs.......
There were three dogs stolen.  All were originally stolen from a residence in Minerva, Ohio (Prince, Rosebud and Baby Girl)  that ended up at Jami's.  It was this conversation that was sent to the sheriff dept that led to the recovery of the dogs.  

 Crystal Miller of Pet Lovers Dog Rescue was charged for the theft.  I still don't understand why Jami was never arrested and charged for conspiracy to commit theft and conspiracy to traffic stolen property.  All the dogs were recovered.  

Crystal made a post about these dogs being neglected for months.  The truth of the matter, two of these dogs were dumped and the family cared for them for three weeks (not months), prior to them being stolen.  The third dog was a family pet of 14 yrs.  The humane officer was in contact with the family.  The man of the family was out feeding the dogs when she arrived and he provided proof of care, i.e. de-wormer and items needed to care for the dogs, while rescue was being arranged.   

After they were recovered, the family signed over Prince.  Prince was then stolen again from Renee's house after Jami found out he was with Renee.  Prince mysteriously reappeared (dumped out of a car up the road from Renee's) after pictures were taken by a witness and alerted Renee to his whereabouts.  

Crystal took a plea agreement to lesser charges. 

Let's move on to Jami.  What is going on this her?  

Jami had so many dogs, she couldn't control them.  Last year, there was a dog fight between Crystal (white dog pictured below) and several other dogs.  By Jami's own admission, she kicked on of the dogs (Crystal) so hard, she defecated.  

Jami asked Crystal Miller to help her place some dogs. Said she was going to have her killed if a home wasn't found.  Crystal wasn't the only dog to suffer the abuse of being kicked.  

This first screenshot is an incident that happened prior to Cassie arriving at Jami's.  I am just showing this so that people understand why so many others were concerned about the dogs in Jami's care and why Jennifer went to such lengths to get Cassie safe. 

Jennifer then works to get Cassie and two others away from Jami.  One of them has a cherry eye that was left untreated and the other had recurring mange (both still believed to be with Jami).  Renee agrees to take Cassie.  Jennifer then lies to Jami, using someone else's information as the "adopter" for Cassie, knowing that if Jami knew Renee was taking her, she wouldn't of agreed. 

This is where it gets really confusing.  Marta then pretends she knew nothing about her information being used.  Why? 

Next is a screenshot about Masa/Mason.  On the ss below, Marta's info was used to rescue a dog/human aggressive and leash reactive dog from Posh Pets out of NY to prevent Crystal Miller from getting the dog (which I agree with).  Posh Pets was given the info and did the home check at Marta's for her "sister", Monica.  Monica then brought the dog to an adopter in Ohio.  Masa only spent one night with the adopter and then decided they didn't want the dog.  Monica didn't want the dog back, so Jennifer contacted Renee to take the dog, instead of contacting Posh Pets.  Marta nor Renee were told about the dogs human aggression issues before agreeing to take him.  In fact, Marta claims the dog showed no signs of human aggression while with her. 

This is just a small part of that story, which we won't go into at this time.  This is being included to show a history between those mentioned in this article.  

Renee's second statement describing the events you just read about:
Cassie was a dog of Jami's. When Jennifer befriended Jami & Crystal when they stole those dogs, Jami asked Jennifer to help her place some dogs..( I think you can see this in one of the screenshots) and Jennifer said she would try... Jennifer came to me and asked if I Could help with some of the dogs because by that time she got a bad read from Jami. I at that time told her heck NO. I told her we were full and could not she said she would ask some of her rescue connections to help out I said good. She said can you quietly get the word out we need to move some dogs and they have some medical issues that need addressed as well. I said I could but noone would want to help being it was Jami and she brings trouble.. a few weeks had passed and she messaged me and said that she needed to move Cassie and 2 others one had cherry eye and was left untreated for several months and another had mange and it was reoccurring. I said again I really can't help. In the meantime she was telling me and showing me where Crystal was saying Cassie was getting abused by Jami and by the other dogs attacking her.. I said to her tell Crystal to go to HS within 72 hrs of seeing something like that first hand of course Crystal did not .. Jennifer's excuse Crystal is to scared of Jami. Like 2 or 3 days later I am getting ready for bed and Jennifer messages me and says Crystal said Jami is going to kill Cassie we have to move her now. I said why, her reply oh Cassie is fighting with other dogs., she asked if I Could hold her for a few weeks.. I called my husband at work around midnight explained what was going on and if we could hold her for Jennifer for a couple weeks why she looks for placement.  He said I guess only for a couple weeks and if Jami is willing giving her to Jennifer to place. Our name does not come into because we don't need the drama and crap Jami brings. I told Jennifer if Jami willingly gives her to you to place we can hold her for a short period but she must  be moved.She said okay I will just tell her I found someone for Cassie.. I said okay you guys will have to set up transport etc... Crystal was the transporter and my husband and I met Crystal to pick up Cassie. (Crystal has yet to find out that I was working with the cops on the stolen dogs and she would be getting a hearing notice in the mail) and she repeatedly told my husband and I how grateful she was that we was holding Cassie until Jennifer could find a placement for her that Cassie was miss treated and she could see what others were saying about Jami seeing it first hand.I did not know that Jennifer used a friend of her's information to get Cassie out and when I did me and Jennifer were no longer talking. The friend she used Marta messaged me to give me a heads up that Jami knew Cassie was here and wanted her back... I told Marta I had no clue that she was used and she said she knew but did not want to throw Jennifer under the bus. I told her to tell Jennifer to unblock me so we could figure out what to do to protect Cassie.So Jennifer had me fill out an adoption application through PTTR and a contract(post dated when she was not even on the board) she said lets first play it off and see if Jami leaves it alone so I went along with (first mistake) and then when Jami started threatening and had people at my house it was over, I told her to take me to court because she gave the dog to Jennifer and just because she had personal issues with me did not mean that Cassie was going back. Well shortly after that I had messaged PTTRS Chairperson (anonymous) about the funds owed because I was getting no where with Jennifer she wanted me to agree with everything she said about the old BOD members and I did not see it the way she did and it had nothing to do with funds owed.As you can see (anonymous) invited Jen in and that is when Jennifer got pissy and started using Crystal and Jami against me and that is the moment that Jennifer went to Jami stating that I stole Cassie. 
After Jennifer got caught by Jami for lying to her and faking an adoption contract and adopter because Renee posted a picture of Cassie on her timeline,  she turned around and tries to cover her ass. Jennifer was still working with Renee to get information from Jami up until this point.

Jennifer wasn't the only one lying, but Jennifer was undercover to get information on Jami.  Jami, on the other hand, seems to be a professional at it, too bad she can't keep her lies straight.  Yes, Jami was lied to by Jennifer in order to get Cassie out of Jami's home.  That doesn't excuse Jami's lies and misdirection.  She couldn't even keep her own lies straight on the Help BRING Cassie HOME page.  

Jami claims all of Renee's dogs are kept in small crates.  But then she publishes some of Renee's own pictures that show spacious, well kept, outdoor kennels and now claims "she hopes they're not left outside all the time"..... So which is it Jami?  Are they kept in small crates inside or are they left outside all the time with nothing to keep them warm?    

On a final note.... Cassie is safe, happy and well adjusted.  You can quit looking for her, Jami.  You obviously didn't care enough about her to do a thorough check on the "adopter" before you let her go.  

Thank you Jennifer for getting her out of a bad situation.  I do believe your heart is in the right place and you it's obvious you did what you did to help the dogs.  I do hope you learned something from all of this.  

Jami, you are  damn lucky you didn't get arrested for conspiracy and theft.  

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I think this thread touches up on the recent Florida debacle and another one. Anyway I copied as I received it. Rescue sure has become a greedy, and very, very seedy world.





This is happening with our California Pit Bulls, too. Some of the names and states are familiar.... and are on our face book pages. We can tighten up our pages, but it's the shelter system that is not paying attention to these complaints...and don't have a clue on what is happening to their dogs after the leave the shelter. Worst is all adoptions are just filling out the forms and hand over the money.

One ACO told me that he didn't care what happened to the dogs after leaving his shelter......and he was not even shocked at these "transporters" ..................

We had a very recent incident of transport going from CA to FL...................No health certificates, cages stacked to the ceiling, Piss and shit all over the dogs and they were not taken out of their cages once, in the 22 hour transport.

Dogs are being drugged to keep them quiet.......... No food or water. .dogs arriving sick, one pup dead, others may have been exposed to viruses............Pulled and put on a vetting and no quarantine.

Transporter was pulled over by a cop....Transporter has a long rap sitting in jail, all dogs and puppies have been seized. This happened in Fl. Local rescues are trying to help, but as long as the dogs/puppies are being held as Evidence, they are stuck in Dog Jail....I just hope they are providing medical care. One is at a dog hospitable, Parvo.....If you are not aware of what happens to dogs being held as evidence..........let me know and I'll tell you. I don't want to start a riot

One person wanted to trade her dog out and get a Pit Bull. One last thing, there are aprox. 30 Pit Bulls that have been pulled and put into boarding in CA, to wait on transport to KY...None have seen a vet. KY is in the center of dog fighting country. And "rescues" pocketed the money.

Pray for change, Please!!!!
Donna Cochran Baker
Independent Animal Rescue Worker
California and Nevada
Reno Angels in Rescue - RETIRED!
A group of Nevada's Best Animal Rescue Workers


On Thursday, January 23, 2014 9:04 AM, Bonnie Adela <> wrote:




Forewarned is forearmed.

Please send this out to all, especially those in Ga. Who may be approached by this Ohio rescue .This is a group to be wary about.

Subj: Fwd: FYI - DO NOT ADOPT !!!
I have no first hand knowledge of this, simply passing along information. Please do your due diligence when investigating any rescue or rescuer, as well as any fosters, transporters, etc. You are their voice!

Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 08:49:34 -0500
Subject: FYI
I just wanted to let you know that the foster (Jami Bock Daberning) is now teaming up with a rescue Called Pet Lovers Dog Rescue out of Carrollton Ohio run by Crystal Dawn Miller of 4331 Milo Road Carrollton Ohio 44625 she has a facebook page here :
Crystal removed a dog from Jami's house last year (2013) because of it getting attacked by multiple pits and Jami abusing it but now she is letting Jami foster dogs for her. Crystal has been pulling dogs from Gray County GA and other counties. Paw and a Prayer and Dogs Deserve Better were told by the Cruelty Agent not to send dogs to Crystal and both groups responded with oh we don't care its just drama anyway. She is now looking to expend getting dogs in GA in other counties and is pulling numerous dogs very quickly. I was asked by the cruelty agent to spread it to people I know. I do have screen shot proof of Crystal stating about Jami being a hoarder, abusing Cassie and numerous pits fighting... Please be aware of either person.

Sincerely Yours, President & Founder of Pulled From The Pits Rescue & Sanctuary
Renee' Smith

Tabitha and 14 others were packed into a van that does NOT bother to feed, water or walk during transport.  These animals were drugged for the long, stressful ride to unchecked places.  The police asked how Thornhill could drive with the stench coming from the van.  It turned out, the stench was from feces and death.  

3 puppies didn't make it out alive.  Tabitha's reward, for making it to Florida under these horrible conditions, was to be dumped and brought into the nearest kill shelter in Florida (where she is sitting now).  Read the thread- Tabitha  

This is Nixon-  He too was "rescued" and on the transport from hell.  He was also dumped in a kill shelter.  
You can read his story here-  Nixon

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Hope for Paws- Eldad Hagar Abandoned over 100 Dogs after Collecting Thousands in Donations

There have been many questions & rumors surrounding ELDAD HAGAR & HOPE FOR PAWS rescue. Some of the things in question date back more than 2 years, but if you're in the business of saving lives you'll never forget this one. Many dogs were abandoned, donations went missing & dogs died. I think it might be important to bring these things up, especially when the organization is always winning big charity grants, raking in tons of money & yet always begging for your votes & donations, but seems to rescue only a handful of dogs & has no animals up for adoption on their website.  

Also, just as an FYI. Hope for paws is NOT a new hope partner which means they do NOT rescue shelter animals. They never have. They don't take animals into their rescue & they don't even post animals up for adoption on their page- they give them off to other rescues once they catch and videotape. The only thing Eldad & HFP really push for is votes for winning money.

A few years ago, there was a hoarding case in Palmdale, CA that Eldad Hagar (Hope For Paws) was involved in where he collected over 15 thousand dollars in donations. Most of those 100+ dogs he "rescued" were later abandoned, some shipped off to other states without even a vet exam, left in boarding or some even sent to high kill shelters where one shelter (Irvine) even wrote to Eldad to please come back & get the dogs he left, which he refused. 
Some dogs were left for over 18 months in boarding by Eldad who didn't even look back or try to help these dogs. Other rescues had to step up and re-rescue the dogs left behind minus the donation money. He basically took the money and ran. There are court records that prove Eldad abandoned those dogs at boarding without payment.  
Case Number: 10S01264
Filing Date: 07/07/2010Case Type: Small Claims (Limited Jurisdiction)Filing Court: San Fernando Courthouse

A side note that is interesting: When Milan Radovic (the owner of Top Dog Resort, where Eldad dumped all the dogs & left) took him to court & won for non payment of these dumped dogs from Palmdale, Eldad's wife, Audrey, spoke on his behalf, while Eldad stood there silently & she told the judge the reason why he didn't understand the payment situation or fees was because Eldad could not understand or speak English very well. How many of you have heard him speak in his videos, in person or on the phone? There are hundreds of people who can attest to Eldad speaking perfect English. 

Upon hearing of the abanonment of all the dogs, the Executor of the  AZ dogs demanded via phone & letter those dogs he was given to  be returned to the estate. She did not like or approve of Eldad or Sharon Gold dumping the dogs.  

Speaking of Sharon Gold... she was also convicted of embezzlment and did prison time.  Yeah, great pair these two.,  

Eldad also had two dogs (Basenji's) killed that he "rescued" from Palmdale.  He and Sharon deemed them dangerous without even getting them properly evaluated.  They never even had a chance.   Milan at Top Dog and another witness can attest to this lack of compassion and total disregard to the right of life perpetrated by Eldad.

Let's not forget about the female Labrador left in a crate in Arizona to die a miserable death, melting in the hot desert sun.  A concerned citizen went back to find this horrifying sight. 
Eldad, Sharon and one other rescue were the last two to leave the site and this poor girl was left behind.  

 The only reason Eldad even bothered to "volunteer" to re-rescue the dogs he left behind was to save face. Eldad stole thousands of dollars in donations that were meant for these animals. And what's even worse are those who know the truth, yet continue to support Eldad. Why are people continuing to support him? Wake up... this is NOT rescue. I don't know any other rescue that is always armed with a video camera at every rescue & thinks that the best shots on film is the most important part of the rescue. In most other rescues, the animals are of first concern & a making a great video is only an afterthought.

The rescue of the abandoned dogs is credited to the many rescues that pulled together for the sake of the of those rescues being Pulling for Paws & others. They worked hard and tirelessly without the money or pats on the back to ensure the dogs abandoned by Eldad did not get left behind again. I commend those rescues that took on this mission without question. Eldad is NOT a hero, in my opinion...he's a fraud, a con, a marketeer...who's greatest achievement is tugging the heartstrings of thousands while dipping into their pocket books. It seems the main point behind this man is make a few great videos, & push them out all over Godvine, Facebook & other social networking sites, for maximum recognition & donations. How many animals does he really rescue a year? A handful? Is he a glorified dog catcher? Many of the dogs he uses in his videos are turned over to other rescues to care for after the initial, glorifying save & video.  


Witness A
Eldad left one of those dogs from palmdale/az hoarding case behind in a crate to die in the AZ sun.....but he didnt get that on film......many.of the.dogs were dumped in boarding at Top Dog in California. We took one of those dogs and it's hard to look at him and think he could of been the one left behind in the crate. 

Witness BI witnessed this one with my own eyes & put my own reputation at stake. Not good. These animals were abandoned by them & good people's donations were not going to the animals in need. Quite a shame. I can name at least 5 rescues who came in & saved those dogs that Eldad abandoned yet took the donation money. And yes, some died, not just that one in the desert.

Witness C
Eldad & I worked together when he responded to helping me with an ongoing cat hoarding situation... only to leave me feeling completely used once he got footage to show he was a cat rescuer, as well. Created videos asking for money, then BAILED on ALL of us!! And I'm putting all that nicely & in a nutshell. It was ugly & WRONG!! There are a lot of details on specific situations where he acted like scum. I was shocked. Thought he was a hero, too. Add another 20-25 cats/kittens to the animals on which he's bailed but collected $$$.

He also nearly killed a litter of kittens by grabbing a tube of Frontline saying, "gimme that... let ME do it" (cuz he claims to also be going to VET school). Turned out he used up the entire tube VS. one drop per kitten. Two of them crashed, were rushed to emergency vet in Eagle Rock. After the vet helped stabilize, he picked up the worse one, said , "no sense letting it die at the vet & paying the overnight stay", took the kitten home, shot video of him with another rescue dog cuddling in a bed", submitted it to the Bonnie Hunt Show where he made THAT video go viral, collect more donation monies & fans, bad-mouthed that vet... saying, "he saved Hunter's life". Ewww, I better stop now... I'm gonna throw up.

Witness D
The Chase Community Giving grant is over and I am RELIEVED!! We did NOT get enough votes to secure a spot on the leader board which means we will NOT be receiving any of the grant. I am a rescuer, I spend my days scooping poop, racing to the shelter to make sure dogs are safe or to the vet to make sure they are well, facilitating dogs being pulled to safety, transporting dogs, responding to emails from potential adopter's, arranging home checks, weeding through applications and networking dogs in danger. I do not have time to video tape every dog I rescue, every trip to the shelter or set up live stream cameras while I wash puppies for your votes. I don't have the money to buy expensive ads on Facebook promoting myself nor do I have the huge network of supporter's in the states and/or over seas to bring in votes. If you voted for us I hope it was because you know I work hard, genuinely love & care for animals, and deserved the money.

Witness E
Why bother, the masses are STUPID - they want to believe in fairy tale BS - no one wants to be a part of the WORK it really takes to save an animal - sure, I'm off to WASH my rescued pitbull & shep..tune's FREE, it's not glamorous....that SOB Eldad has left dogs to die, abandoned an old chow & left a pittie on the street left a dog to die in a crate & WTF - keep on sending HIM money..I give up.

Rebuttal to Witness E by Witness B
I bother because there ARE good & decent rescues & rescuers out there who never get a chance, any donations, or any accolades for all the hard work they do day & night to save animals. I bother because this is absurd what is going on with Eldad & how people are snowed. I bother because the animals matter most to me of all.

The other concerning thing is he has won the Chase Charities giveaway again ( in addition to a Toyota Highland this year & other contests).. He's won 4 years in a row, first as Hope for Paws & then in following years by partnering with The Kris Kelly Foundation, & just this past week where he partnered with another Foundation winning $100,000. I don't even think you're allowed to enter more than one year in a row. I guess "partnering" with another organization is a way to get around this. But how many small rescues rake in over $100K a year? This is public record for a non profit & this was just in 2010. How much money is spent on advertising? How much money actually goes to the animals in need? It may deserve closer examination.

Eldad abandoned so many dogs from a Palmdale rescue at Top Dog Resort.He said he'd get them all spay/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, rehomed etc.... he did not and yet he took about $15,000 in donations.

Eldad and Sharon said they were in Arizona getting 12 dogs off an estate, came back with 11.  One of those dogs was left behind to die a miserable death. 

Several other rescues had to step in to vet the dogs,spay/neuter, find them homes etc, on their own dime without the recognition they deserved for saving the dogs he abandoned.

Eldad also had 2 dogs from Palmdale euthanized at Top Dog resort he considered dangerous without having them properly evaluated first..

Some of the dogs were abandoned for over 18 months.

Pulling for Paws took a majority of these dogs along with other rescue orgs. Their names are all at the end of that video, Rescue Uncovered, on youtube.

Eldad was sued in court and lost.

In conclusion
Real rescues don't have time to go out and video tape everything they do, let alone edit the video adding haunting music & text and then posting all over the world. That does NOT make you a top rescue, that makes you a video editor & marketeer and to use God to profit from is appalling. If you're going to support a rescue, please support a real rescue that doesn't abandon dogs everywhere, or leave them in crates in the hot desert sun as they drive away in an air conditioned van with all the donation money. Please make sure who your donating to is really concerned about the animals they claim to 'rescue'.